In support of the efforts to increase Africans’ access to quality education Yale University, Jonathan Edwards Center and the University of the Free State strategically partnered to empower aspiring next generation African leaders of academia and church with primary scholarly resources for research, education and publication. The Jonathan Edwards Centre Africa, based at Bloemfontein, is the hub of an African (online) network of educational partners as well as a collaborative partner with the Jonathan Edwards Centers in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Poland, and Yale University (USA).

The mission of the Jonathan Edwards Center is to support inquiry into the life, writings, and legacy of Jonathan Edwards by providing resources that encourage critical appraisal of the historical importance and contemporary relevance of America’s premier theologian.

The primary way that we do this is with the Works of Jonathan Edwards Online, a digital learning environment for research, education and publication, that presents all of Edwards’s writings, along with helpful editorial materials that allow the reader to examine Edwards’ thought in incredibly powerful, useful ways.

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), pastor, revivalist, Christian philosopher, missionary, and college president, is widely regarded as North America’s greatest theologian. He is the subject of intense scholarly interest because of his significance as an historical figure and the profound legacy he left on America’s religious and intellectual landscapes. His writings are being consulted at a burgeoning rate by religious leaders, pastors, and churches worldwide because of the fervency of Edwards’s message and the acumen with which he appraised religious experience. Yet for centuries, scholars and readers of Edwards have had to rely on inaccurate and partial versions of his writings. The Works of Jonathan Edwards (Online), the critical edition of Edwards’s writings, was created at Yale University in 1953 to overcome these obstacles.

But even with the Edwards Works amounting to a 26-volume letterpress series, less than half of Edwards’s total writings was available. To provide the entirety of Edwards’s corpus on a global basis, we have created the Works of Jonathan Edwards Online (WJE Online), a digital environment that supports and assists the research, reading, and teaching of Edwards’s writings, primarily through a comprehensive, searchable online database that contains the series published by Yale University Press but also tens of thousands of pages of unpublished computerized transcripts–sermons, notebooks, essays, letters, and personalia–that the Jonathan Edwards Center has on file. Complementing these primary texts are reference works, secondary works, chronologies, and audio, video, and visual sources. Simply put, no comparable digital resource for an American religious figure exists.

(Post) Graduate Studies are offered in comprehensive Master and Ph.D programs in historical theology at the Jonathan Edwards Centre Africa at the University of the Free State. Students from Africa to the Americas have been admitted to the highly competitive programs and successfully completed their studies under the supervision of an international team of scholars.


Prof Dr RM (Dolf) Britz, Director

The Jonathan Edwards Centre Africa at the University of the Free State
Botho Building 10
205 Nelson Mandela Avenue
P.O.Box 339
Bloemfontein 9300
Republic of South Africa

Phone  +27 (0)51 401 7180

Fax      +27 (0)86 561 1377

Email    britzrm@ufs.ac.za

Staff Britz & Neele
Staff Britz & Neele

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