John Owen Society

In April 2015 a small group of Oxford University graduate students formed a Reformed theology reading group. Members of the group grew intellectually and spiritually through their discussions of Reformed theology, past and present.  The group desired to expand the discussion and share the benefits of Reformed theology with those in the university (students and faculty) and the church (leaders and laity).  The John Owen Society aims to bridge the gap between the church and the academy.  We intend to assist Christian academics in carrying out their vocations and to aid church leaders and laity in deepening their appreciation of Reformed theology.

The John Owen Society will promote interest in Reformed theology through a termly lecture on aspects of historic Reformed theology.  Each event will also provide an opportunity for further discussion and interaction over light refreshments.  As the society grows, we hope to host more lectures and a conference.

The John Owen Society is pleased to announce its inaugural lecture on 25th January 2016.  Rev. Dr. Lee Gatiss (Director, Church Society) will speak on ‘The English Calvin?  The Life and Legacy of John Owen’. Owen was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Dean of Christ Church and a Member of the British Parliament in the mid seventeenth century. He was also a prodigious Bible commentator and leading Reformed theologian. We pray that this society bearing his name will contribute to the rebirth of Reformed theology in Oxford in 2016.

What: “The English Calvin? The Life and Legacy of John Owen” (Rev. Dr. Lee Gatiss, Director Church Society) followed by drinks
When: Monday 25th January 2016, 7pm
Where: Old Clore Library, University Church of St. Mary, Oxford.

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