Invitation Funded Research Studies


The Jonathan Edwards Centre Africa along with the Directorate for Research and Development at The University of the Free State (UFS), South Africa is offering a special funding opportunity for an interdisciplinary Research Masters project in African Intellectual History. The interdisciplinary concerns of this project unite philosophy, theology, and history, and focus on a close study of primary texts. As intellectual history, the chief interest is with exploring themes, or thinkers, understanding the contexts (philosophical, theological, historical, social, cultural, religious, political etc.) in which they arose, tracing trajectories and influences of such ideas leading up to their development and their consequent dissemination. Within this rough methodological scope, there is flexibility for studying a range of thinkers and themes, but these insofar as they impinge directly on African thought, or thought by people of African origin, or movements that directly affect or play out in Africa.

The funding is for a research degree leading towards a Magister Theologiae (MTh), Magister Artium (MA) or a Magister Philosophiae (MPhil) conferred by UFS, which must be completed within one academic year.

The final choice of specific research topic will be decided after discussion with prospective applicants and careful review of submitted proposals.

The benefits of the scholarship include:

  • Full tuition cost for one year of research masters at UFS
  • Cost of course registration
  • Publication of research in international peer-reviewed journals, or academic book publishers.
  • Expert local and international supervisory team


For further enquiries, please contact:

Victor Emma-Adamah:

Adriaan Neele:



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